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Understanding “irreconcilable differences” when filing for divorce

One of the common grounds cited by divorcing couples is “irreconcilable differences.” Married individuals who want to become legally single again may use such ground for dissolving their marriage.

Also called “irretrievable breakdown of marriage,” irreconcilable difference is considered  “no-fault”, meaning individuals do not have to prove that their spouse had committed unforgivable mistakes while they were together. Such ground is commonly used by divorcing couples because they do not have to prove that their spouse has committed a fault. Normally, those who use “irreconcilable difference” have their marriage easily dissolved, as long as the other spouse does not contest the filing. The divorce could not be granted or the procedure can be prolonged if the other party contests the filing.

Filing for divorce is an, unfortunately, complicated process, especially if children and assets are involved. However, if you are in such situation in Manhattan Beach, a lawyer of the Law Offices of Baden V. Mansfield may work for you. Find out how we may legally assist you today by calling (310) 546-5858.

Divorce of Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez now official

A December 30 article of revealed that estranged Hollywood celebrity couple Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez are officially divorced.

Reports said the divorce of Martinez and Berry was amicable, as they have agreed to completely share custody of their son, Maceo, 3. The former couple confirmed the divorce rumors in 2015, two years after they got married. Reports revealed that Martinez and Berry took a long time to finalize a property settlement even though they had secured a prenuptial agreement. After the former couple initially forwarded their divorce papers, Martinez chose to retract his filing in order to make Berry the sole petitioner in accordance with a California law. Halle Berry had two previous divorces and Martinez only had a previous relationship with singer Kylie Minogue.

In the often painful situation that you have decided to file for divorce, enlisting an experienced family attorney is a viable option to make sure your interests are upheld. Call a Manhattan Beach attorney with the Law Offices of Baden V. Mansfield today at (310) 546-5858 to learn more about your options.

Khloe and Lamar divorce official

American TV celebrity Khloe Kardashian and former Lakers player Lamar Odom were recently cleared by a Los Angeles judge to go their separate ways after finalizing their divorce, an article of NBC Los Angeles reported on December 9.

According to reports, even though the judge signed off on the divorce, the estranged couple became legally single starting December 17. The 32-year-old younger sister of Kim Kardashian initially filed for divorce in late 2013. However, she nullified the filing last year after Odom, 37, was found in a comatose condition in Nevada. Then last May, Khloe filed again for divorce and cited irreconcilable differences. The estranged couple reportedly agreed not to receive spousal support from one another and chose to discontinue their “Khlomar” company. The two had been married for nearly seven years before their divorce was finalized.

In the tough situation that you decide to give yourself another chance through a divorce filing, working with a skilled attorney is important, especially if you are still recovering from your emotional hardships. Call an attorney at the Law Offices of Baden V. Mansfield in Manhattan Beach today at (310) 546-5858 for your legal assistance.

Judge denies Brad Pitt’s plea to seal divorce docs

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge recently denied Hollywood actor Brad Pitt’s request to seal the ongoing child custody deal related to his divorce, an article of USA Today reported on December 7.

In the order issued by Judge Richard Burdge Jr. on Wednesday, the 52-year-old actor failed to meet the sealing detail requirements in his filing for joint custody. Pitt reportedly attempted to have the details sealed after attorneys representing Jolie, 41, forwarded the initial custody conditions agreed by both parties in October. A divorce attorney explained that securing “monitored visitations” is critical in securing a deal because it can be legally enforced. In California, joint child custody is often favored when there is no presence of abuse from the parties at hand.

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Baden V. Mansfield in Manhattan Beach fight for individuals who want to secure the custody of their loved ones. If you are in such situation, we will tirelessly work on your behalf to help secure the welfare of your children. Call us today at (310) 546-5858 to learn more about your options.

US divorce rate has reached its lowest recorded percentages in years

Research data recently released by the Bowling Green State University revealed that compared to nearly 40 years ago, the current divorce rate in the U.S. is at a considerable low, an article of Time reported on November 17.

In the data released by the “National Center for Family and Marriage Research,” they have recorded 1.69% of married couples divorced last year, compared to the near 2.3% divorce rate recorded in 1980. The researchers noted that while divorce rate has been a 40-year low, there was an increase in people getting married. The data showed that last year’s marriage rate was 3.22% of unmarried women became married, compared to the 31.9% recorded in the year earlier and the highest since 2009. Researchers determined the figures by analyzing data of women whose age is 15 or older and their marriage status. According to the report, the data could not provide a definite explanation for the declining divorce rate, and researchers also noted that first marriages have a chance of lasting compared to succeeding marriages, leading to the widely-debated statistic that 50% of all marriages in the United States end in divorce.

Though nationwide divorce rates have been declining, the Law Offices of Baden V. Mansfield understands that some individuals in Manhattan Beach are considering filing for divorce. If you are in such situation, we may offer you all the legal support you need while you are dealing with emotional hardships. Call us today at (310) 546-5858 to learn more about your options.

Naya Rivera ending marriage to Ryan Dorsey after two years

Multi-talented celebrity Naya Rivera recently confirmed that she has ended her marriage with celebrity Ryan Dorsey after two years, a November 21 article for USA Today reported.

According to reports, the Rivera-Dorsey split came as much a surprise as when they got married in July 2014. The 29-year-old singer and actress, known for her work in Glee, had cited “irreconcilable differences” in the divorce papers she filed against Dorsey, 33, on November 15. Part of the divorce, Rivera had also asked the Los Angeles Superior Court for the full custody of their one-year-old child. Reports revealed that the estranged couple also broke up in 2010 and, in 2013, Naya was engaged to hip-hop artist Big Sean before marrying Dorsey the following year.

In the already tough situation that you are filing for divorce, working with a skilled lawyer is a viable option if you are fighting for the full custody of your children. If you are in such situation in Manhattan Beach, a lawyer of the Law Offices of Baden V. Mansfield may provide you legal assistance. Discuss your situation with us today by calling (310) 546-5858 to find out how we may work for you.

Mariah Carey won’t accept James Packer’s $30M prenup deal

An article of the International Business Times revealed on November 7 that singer Mariah Carey was upset by the prenuptial deal offered by Australian businessman James Packer.

Packer, 49, called off the engagement after offering Carey, 46, a $30 million prenuptial agreement. Reports revealed that Carey would receive $6 million every year while she was married to Packer. Details of the Carey-Packer prenup was considered insane by many because of the comprehensive nature of what would be covered. Mariah, however, refused to agree with what was offered to her, describing the amount as “tacky and insulting.” Aside from emotional damages, Mariah claimed her finances were damaged after her breakup with Packer.

The lawyers at the Law Offices of Baden V. Mansfield understand that many people in Manhattan Beach are having a problem reaching a deal for a prenuptial agreement. If you are in such a situation, we can help you come up with a comprehensive agreement to make sure your personal interests are protected. Call our office today at (310) 546-5858 to learn more about your options.

Brad Pitt granted visitation of his six children

Brad Pitt has just been granted visitation rights in his most recent child custody agreement held between himself and soon to be ex-wife Angelina Jolie, according to an article published by The Irish News on November 8th.

Reports said the 41-year-old actress will still have the full custody of their six children but has agreed to allow them to continue seeing their father during what they called “therapeutic visits”. The children are all between eight and fifteen years old.  The couple’s separation appears to be in response to reports that Pitt was abusive to their oldest child on  a plane ride home from France in September.

Child custody battles are often the most difficult but important aspects of a divorce. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Baden V. Mansfield are fully prepared to help with the process. Call us at (310) 546-5858 to set up a consultation.

Pippen demanding full child custody

Former Chicago Bulls star Scottie Pippen is asking a Florida court for full custody of his four children from estranged spouse Larsa Younan Pippen, an article of News Everyday reported on October 25.

The full child custody issue comes after Pippen, 51, filed for divorce from Larsa, 42, after a marriage of 19 years. In the prenuptial documents agreed upon by the estranged couple, Larsa is expected to obtain the financial support needed by their children from him. However, Pippen, who has a $50 million net worth, has pleaded for the court to prevent Larsa from seeking spousal support from him.

Fighting for the full custody of your children can be difficult, especially if you are not aware of the process and your rights as a parent. However, if you want to ensure the well-being of your loved ones, working with a skilled attorney is a viable option. Speak with a Manhattan Beach attorney at the Law Offices of Baden V. Mansfield today by calling (310) 546-5858 to learn more about your options.

Former Chicago Bulls player Pippen divorcing wife

An October 21 article in the Chicago Tribune revealed that former Bulls’ member Scottie Pippen recently filed for divorce from his spouse of almost two decades.

According to reports, the 51-year-old basketball legend submitted his divorce documents on October 18 against his spouse of 19 years, celebrity Larsa Younan. The estranged couple, who were married in 1997, has four children. Reports also revealed that Pippen and Larsa have acquired properties in Highland Park and in Fort Lauderdale as they celebrity status in their respective careers. A legal counsel representing Pippen told reports that her client is currently undergoing hardships and is seeking for the media to respect his family’s privacy in the whole procedure. Larsa, who has participated in some well-known reality TV shows, did not issue a statement regarding the issue. Further details of the Pippen’s divorce filing were not released.

Filing for divorce can be complicated and difficult to deal with, especially when you are undergoing emotional pain and the process involves a hefty amount of assets. However, if you are in such situation in Manhattan Beach, the legal team of the Law Offices of Baden V. Mansfield may work for you. Have a consultation with us today by calling (310) 546-5858.

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